We enter a new month in 2020 and a new age in how we should be living, I say 'should' as some will always want to go their own way. At LESU we have completed our "Refurbishment" and offer a complete fitness service on line

Personal Training
Daily exercise classes
Clinic for re hab/injury
Diet and Nutrition

No matter what advice there will be so out door fitness can re start we will ALWAYS have the safety of our customers first and ultimately the decision to re start will be ours, class numbers, will be from government rules.

We will not be stopping any of the on line programmes or sessions, these are an addition to our services, so we wont be switching from one type of training to another as some companies have planned, when you start to train with Lesu your programme will not be changing as Lockdown guidance does, this way you stay focussed and we give you maximum support.

Take care and be safe, and 'Enjoy your fitness!'