GR8 NEWS FOR OUR BEAMERS - Due to the Thursday class filling up, the old theatre ay Hoburne Doublebois being re named 'BEAMFIT HOUSE' - we are this Saturday starting a morning Beamfit class, starts at 10am and finishes 11am - at the moment we have no requirement for places to be booked as regular club members let us know availability - however if a class is to be your first then let us know you are coming along so we have a beam for you, we don't stack places high, we want you to gain maximum benefit form your exercise so class numbers are kept to a maximum of 12.

£5 per session, pay at session start

The Saturday class will be same as our Thursdays with gymsticks, mat pilates and various routines used to keep every session different and varied.

B-E-A-M - Balance - Engage the core - Align the spine - Move!