After a fantastic 5 weeks of daily on line classes we have had to change the business plan and how we interact with our customers - it would have been gr8 to continue with daily sessions being free however we are in a long haul situation and want to be here with the business when we are back to the new normal

we have reduced pricing and it will remain so until the end of the corona, it is not jus an short term offer

we are selling our last stock of new beamfit beams - reduced to £80 from £125

we are giving away Lesu turtle fitness bags to anyone who signs up for a month pass for sessions, or a PT course

we are giving access to our daily sessions to anyone signing up for a pt course

we have loaned out free of charge beamfit beams to our club members who can pick them up

we have various packages available for daily sessions that can reduce the cost down to as little as £2.06 per session

Our new plan starts next week (Monday) and all details re available at the virtual gym button

Any questions at all let me know