A new week and the last of the month - we go again! Remain positive as the second wave bites into our lives - Doublebois fit club stated as a daily session to get a group together for more mental wellness than fitness - months later it is established with fitness improvements being huge. The mental wellness is fantastic, on line people, some who have never met are part of a team, in a class where form around the country hey come together daily and have fun whilst working out.

Not all on line - Doublebois Nordic walking continues and we are now making plans to meet up at various locations between adventure walks and not at Doublebois every week, these sessions will be a max of 90 minutes and designed to be mini adventure walks akin in ore of Cornwalls great outdoors.

No matter which way you cut it, remaining fit, being part of a group leads to a more positive approach to life - Get going - get it done - do it now..