Mar 2016

The Lesu boot is reportedly 'going down a storm' in UK - latest NWUK newsletter to members.
Innovative and fun, but also designed to protect our environment -

If you nordic walk or trek have a look at the ground next time you are 'off road', a spike hole form a pole can be damaging a path which has built up over thousands of years, the hole will fill with water and the run off will cause erosion, various repair are being used in various parks in UK, some using sheets wool, however even if they work it is not a quick fix.

Yes use the spikes of your safety if required it must come first - personally nice trialling the first Lesu boot (POLE PAW) I have never gone back to spikes

Inca trail - Peru
Brecon beacons and black mountains - Wales
French alps - Chamonix

We have to stay ahead of the game and keep the sport green, there are trails where spikes cannot be used, don't let yours be next

Weekend done - new Monday - new you - continuing evaluation of walking trainers, Lesu nordic walking/trekking pole 'X' on route to factory, currently in S Korea - I like tracking parcels around the globe!

Its time to innovate your own training programme with the nights getting lighter, its time to make use of your longer days, grab something new and give it a go - remember walking a dog may not be the newest thing for fitness, but by simply throwing the ball and jogging to a different position you are more active and will find it pre fun (so will your dog!) - U R BEING INNOVATIVE, keeping the grey matter working, keeping the focus and having fun..!

The Lesu pole development enters a new phase this week, prototype is now complete, a few notes to attach and it is off to engineers and the manufacturer.

With innovative designs incorporated into the pole it will not only enhance but improve the sport for both nordic walkers and trekkers - if you use a pole - you will want to look at these

watch this space for news as it develops

LESU BOOTS - the paws with more are getting gr8 reports in sociable media,

remember they are designed as all terrain - i haven't removed mine since first fitting july 2015 - form the inca trail in peru to th streets of london, seville via dartmoor and the brecon beacons

The weather this weekend is due to be gr8, dust off your poles, fit your fun and funky LESU BOOTS, get out, feel and look good and enjoy your nordic walking

plan a new route, visit a new place… safe and enjoy

want a pair..?? NWUK on line store 4 more…!


I love these new paws!  I've always found with my other paws that I wouldn't have the confidence to do a gear 4 as they tend to slip but these new ones have a fantastic grip.  Since I used them on Sunday, I haven't taken them off as they're great on all terrain.  They feel nice and solid and I get the feeling that they'll be hard wearing too!

Suzanne Madden
Accredited Instructor
Nordic Walking Brockenhurst

Hugo de Voil Well I am just back from the walk and trying out the new Lesu Paws. When I recieved them my first thought was that they were noticibly heavier that the orange ones I have been using and wondered how they would affect the balance and planting.
The route I used had varying terrain so this was a good test, my concerns with the weight were proven wrong, yes they were heavier but soon got used to it and the weight seemed to help the plant. The grip was good with a nice solid feeling on all the ground we covered, the big difference I noticed was on hard surfaces where the poles vibrated more but the plant still felt solid, again just needed to get used to it. As well as myself (as I had 2 pairs) another of my group tried them and had all positive feedback prefering them to the old style ones. So for a first outing a big thumbs up ...... and the green ones matched the colour of my poles!
I will be using them from now on I think.


Jackie Reiss I've been trying them out this evening on the night walk - the LED lights are fun, and the paws grip well at any angle and certainly on all the surfaces we walk on, plus there's no faff of getting the paws facing in the right direction. I think they'll be popular with clients as they'll also be easier to find if they come off in the mud!