May 2016


MTNordic walkers were 'showing off' the Lesu boots in Seville and Carmona last weekend, with the bright sunshine and bright colours they were certainly standing out.

Used on all surfaces including the steep cobbled roads of Carmona and the hilly trail to the Roman Quarry, no hands were dirtied - fit and forget - the paw with more.!

in this pic, its pink, red and green with Skip, Bibi, Maria and Rajinder


Lesu boots - by popular demand we currently have the 'PURPLE PERIL' in manufacture , should be for sale in June, a new colour to the current editions and of the lovers of the jet black which has sold out, stocks will be replenished.

With spring finally springing and summer fast on its heels, why not treat yourself to a pair on non led and have a change of colour for a new season of nordic walking - trekking

Watchers of country file may have seen the recent segment on erosion in our national parks - remember we can help by using the lesu boot, all terrain and tested in UK 's national parks, some trails around the world have now banned spikes - I have never used spikes since designing the Lesu boot - stay ahead of the game - keep the sport green..!

non led -

led -