WEEKK 4 OF THE LOCKDOWN for most people, a little longer for those like us who tried to stay ahead of the curve, before official advice, our Fitness sessions all stopped before the lockdown, like some others, and mainly independents clients were put before any profits - this has been a lesson in how the larger your business is, the more you look at profit - and in the fitness industry not looking after your clients, which is why we are here doing it in the first place.

Our daily on line exercise sessions are growing in membership, lasting for 30 mins, we have Beamfit Beamlates, NILQUIP, towel sessions, and Isometrics - its gr8 fun, and also inspiring for myself as I see people working hard and having fun, and progressing - those doubters of on line fitness have been proved wrong - IT DOES WORK..!

Where the fitness goes from here ?? With social distancing in place, classes and groups will be difficult, if possible at all, and even if they are to take place in an organised way - will people want to go along? I doubt it.

Our daily sessions are currently free, no membership fee, just download Zoom and you are good to go, we are currently working on Personal Training and our daily sessions being online and bookable - this is a change of direction for Lesu, but could mean we are still operating when Covid has gone. Obviously keeping things free cant last forever, however where a lot of business will be increasing pricing, we can keep costs down - news coming soon s we change over.

Songs of the day now have us fit approaching our second mix which is on Amazon music, LOCKDOWN 01.2020 and soon LOCKDOWN 02.2020, when we stated we never thought we would get to two mixes.!! Comedy classics and also a paragraph form myself each morning hopefully gets people thinking, listening and smiling.

Before I sign off, just a thought……if you haunt stated some sort of exercise regime yet, AND at the end of Lockdown you still haven't …THEN YOU NEVER WILL…. you are not too busy….thats an excuse…so start now, currently you are spoilt for choice with free fitness sessions on line, don't waste this opportunity