Lockdown is here for a while longer - on line fitness will be here forever - be safe, be alert is what we are all doing, however there are many more benefits to on line classes and personal training,

Just think of the amount of time it takes for you to get to the gym, the planning, the time you miss with family and friends, AND the gym sessions you miss because as we know life changes and so do our plans.

Online, means anywhere any time, not always having to get changed, not having to immediately get showered, not having to travel to or from, th eworkout you want will happen as you will have the equipment , you are in your environment.

A misconception is that you wont meet or speak to anyone - feed back form our daily classes is that more interaction, meeting new people, making new friends has happened more than when going to the gym, I always leave the mics open at the start of a class and the again near the end so the guys can all wave and speak, say hellos and good byes and take cares - AND THEY DO.

The DOUBLEBOIS it club have established their on identity and are a close knit group, this is not the always the same for gym based classes.

Out door fitness - we continue only with on line or virtual fitness, the virus is still here, our on line services - like many others offer all yo need to start, maintain and improve all levels of fitness andI believe even more as you get to be in a daily routine, have fun and improve mental wellness even more - I ask myself that if I had the virus how would I act, or if everyone else had the virus how I would act - the answer is how I live right now, shopping once per week, staying home, on line fitness and family face time.

We have produced a few videos which are on our U tube channel, link below, we have also established a virtual clinic for our Club members, these are 15 - 30 minute sessions to help in self treating or advice on injury, our normal clinic being closed, this is our next best thing - SO if you want to join us get in touch, try us out for a week - it only cost £15 and will give you 6 fitness sessions and a coffee morning, join us for a month (£49.50) and get a FREE Lesu Turtle fitness bag (worth £65) you have nothing to lose and I guarantee you will improve your life and become part of an exciting group of people who have been having fun on line for 8 weeks now.

Sessions last approx 38 minutes, we have a whats app group where the banter and posts keep the humour going and there is a daily comedy clip, song of the day and weekly challenge - everyone is in regular daily contact at any time…………Speak soon…………


."The Future of Fitness"

u tube



Weekly programme

MON 10am - boot camp circuits
TUE 2pm - beamlates (pilates based)
WED 2pm - turtle time
THU 7pm - beamfit (pilates based)
FRI 7pm - Isometrics
SAT 10am - stretch pilates
SUN 10am - rest day coffee morning