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It is much more than ‘just’ a Sports Massage!
Sports Massage offers a great way of recovering from training and competitions as well as helping prevent injury. But what about the causes of injury as well as prevention and improved performance?

Most of us who compete in sports incur the physical stresses of a job and family life as well. Often what may appear to be a ‘sports injury’ actually has a lot more to do with the underlying posture and occupational factors. Soft Tissue Therapy considers all of this and includes Sports Massage within a framework of:

  • injury assessement
  • advanced treatment techniques
  • remedial exercise and advice to...
  • enhanced recovery
  • prevent injury
  • improve posture and function

This is not just beneficial for the athlete/sports amateur but also for anyone suffering with muscular pains.

Muscular Therapy offer a range of massage treatments as well as soft tissue therapy.

  • Hot Stones
  • Aromatherapy
  • MFR (myofascial release)