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Innovatively designed by LESU specifically for Nordic Walking, the new LESU paw not only offers functionality but also durability and appeal
The 360 degree aspect of the paw makes it easier than ever to align your paws correctly – perfect for newcomers and the more seasoned Nordic Walker, the boots will help to balance your pole and increase the ‘feel’ the ‘plant’

  • Cross terrain capability (no need to remove paws on soft ground)
  • Durable (Their long lifespan means you won’t need to replace them as quickly as most other paws on the market)
  • Grips at any angle
  • Won’t get lost down drains!
  • Vibrant colour options
  • Compatible with both Leki and Gabel Nordic poles

Inca trail -Peru
Streets of London
Alps - Chamonix, France
Black Mountains - Wales
Dartmoor - Devon
South Downs - Gurkha Challenge
Beaches - Barbados
Coastal - Jersey
Heat - Seville

LED light-up version available for low light and night walks to improve your safety
Be safe - be seen with the flashing and brightly coloured LED type, completely sealed against all types of weather and long lasting - all the advantages of the non led with the added light system which make them even more fun and funky

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