The Lesu ‘Boot’ design arose from questions and problems i was asking myself when Nordic Walking

  • Why do i have to remove my paws on certain terrains?
  • I then have dirty hands?
  • I have to align the paws when putting into place
  • When instructing a student anew paws can be worn out after one session if not aligned correctly
  • easily lost down drains
  • current paws wearability is not good for the cost to the user

Once I Started to look at how I could overcome the above it then quickly led to inclusion of a safety feature (led’s) and also a move to making them ‘funky’ - a way to use them as an advert, to promote nordic walking.

The design is manufactured for a Lesu nordic walking/trekking pole currently being designed - however it also has been produced to fit most of the poles currently being produced

Various compounds have been tested super grip material was excellent, however was worn out after 40 mins! Harder compounds looked good and would last many years , but had very poor grip The last testing was completed with the last Nordic Walk of 2015 with the Village Polers of London’s Royal Docks, just over too miles had been completed, at the same time a pair of ‘paws’ for another manufacturer were used, they were down to the ‘stub’, - the LESU BOOT is good for another 600 !!

The injection moulded material used has been tested on all terrains, London streets, Brecon Beacons, Dartmoor, South Downs, Jersey, Inca Trail of Peru and Seville and Carmona, Spain It was never taken off for spike use, had a firm constant grip which could be trusted and was found to have more stability on rough terrain due to a greater surface are being in contact with the ground.

The first delivery of final prototypes were issued to nordic walkers with no specific brief so an ’open mind’ was maintained for results and thoughts, The above paragraph is the feedback from this

Whist being used the Lesu ‘boots’ attracted a great deal of attention by others using poles and they have shown themselves to be an attraction which is a great aid in promoting the sport and therefore a more healthy person

Supplied in non led and led as some people will never be walking in the dark - the LED has been adjusted so that it will activate at dusk, so not only a safety feature, but again an advertisement aid

First shipment, the housing will be Black, bright green, bright pink and red, next production will include bright yellow, bright orange (and purple) if the order is of sufficient quantity any colour on the Pantone colour chart can be used as a made to order (at same cost)

LED SYSTEM - The led system came form an idea where my niece walked past me showing off her new trainers which were flashing led lights every time she stepped , I bought her replacements so i could cut away the heel to see how they worked, however it was not until several months later i found a pair where the technology had improved so much that I could house it in a ‘Boot’ for a pole.

Electrical circuit is housed in a separate sealed unit (tested to a depth of 1mtre of water for 24 hrs). this unit is in the mould when housing material is injected so it has a permanent and secure fit - the battery life of an estimated 10.000 hrs will outlast the wearability, as it developed a photo cell was added and then adjusted so that operation only takes place at dusk, eliminating the need for a switch, and to stop constant flashing a movement sensor only allows the led operation when the pole is planted