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To get the very best from your LESU Turtle Bag, it should be visually checked regularly. Following theYES/NO system below will ensure you quickly become an expert in its use, safety and care

- run hand over surface/stitching, check for cuts, nicks or tears
YES - use in sufficient space to swing bag around you
YES - work out on stable floor with no obstacle that could cause damage to yourself or the Turtle
YES - when wearing the Turtle ensure ruck sack straps are secured correctly and adjusted for comfort
YES - wipe clean after use, think 'gym etiquette’
YES -return to correct stowage after use, do not leave your Turtle as a trip hazard
YES - children should be supervised at all times

NO - any signs of damage, do not use and inform gym supervisor
NO - know your limits, do not lift any weight beyond what you can handle
NO - never ‘show off’ when using the Turtle
NO - keep away from sharp objects when ‘slamming’ or ‘dragging’ as your Turtle may be torn or pierced
NO - do not attach equipment to the Turtle which has not been designed for it
NO - do not use strong detergents, solvents or bleach for cleaning, use a simple mild washing up liquid
NO - never store in direct sunlight, next to a heat source or in a humid environment

The unique design of the LESU Turtle bag® allows for full and total body training. Grip, strength, core stability, posture and balance are exercised in all movements.
Exercises can easily be changed by the use of the various handles allowing for various grips
The LESU Turtle bag is your very own ‘take anywhere’ gym, easily carried and always ready to be unclipped and used, designed as ‘Grab and Go!’ fitness equipment for indoors and outdoors, home use or commercial, exercising alone or in a group exercise class. Incorporating stability in its design for the runner, walker or cyclist, there is no longer any need to wear a clumsy weight vest.
Easily maintained and functional, the Innovative design ensures the Turtle will give fitness progression from the beginner to the average fitness enthusiast and the pro calibre athlete.
The LESU Turtle bag method of exercise will maximise your muscular strength and endurance (mse), cardiovascular fitness (cv), mobility, posture and balance. You will achieve progression and above all keep your exercise fun and enjoyable - If this what you want? - The Turtle is for y

Walk , Run , Lift , Smash , Drag , Box , Bike

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