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Personal training is about having someone to guide you through your programme, it is not simply a case of someone watching over you in a gym.

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Our one to one service in our studio (OR ON LINE) ensures that you have 100% focus on you. This way we know that together we will be able to achieve your pre planned goals on time.

Working together, it is not just the fitness we will work on, personal training is all about you, we will monitor your lifestyle, diet and overall health; this approach ensures that you will become not only fitter, but leaner, stronger, more flexible and agile with a work-life balance that will enable you maintain and continually progress.

(Embark on a programme of 10 sessions and receive your Nordic Walking Course FREE.)

In our gym you will become proficient in the use of our Gravity System, free weights, kettle bells, water rower and other machines, however you may prefer a home visit or outdoor training where we come to you, getting the benefits of personal training in your own surroundings.