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The Medicine Ball has evolved and we are into the Next Era of Functional Training with the ‘LESU TURTLE BAG!’

Fitness professionals and enthusiasts as well as personal trainers and athletes are always looking for fitness equipment which is effective, functional, effective and which also must be durable. Lesu has developed the ‘Turtle Bag’ which ‘ticks’ all of these boxes and does much, much more.

The Turtle Bag is

two distinctive fun and funky colours
made from faux leather
weather proof
wipe clean
can be carried as a ‘back pack’
your own ‘take anywhere’ gym
grab it - walk it - run it - lift it - throw it - box it
functional across all exercise planes

Same size - Two weights

Lesu Green 3.5kg
Electric yellow - 5.5 kg
Various handles for more functional exercise
Hold or Hang for use of Boxing Mits
single, partner or group workout

Back Pack

Turtle bag is truly portable
High Reflective back pack harness for safety
Zip storage in waist
Cargo net storage
Anti roll waist belt for stability when running/walking
Lesu boxing mitts attach to straps

In Use

It is not simply the weight which is effective, the natural swing that you will cary out will ensure the you work your muscles form all angles

The unique design of the turtle bag in its shape and size allows for both lower and upper body training with ‘grip’ strength also being promoted.
The various handless allows the execution of a host of exercises by the athlete giving more variety by the use of different grips. The straps can be used for extra wrist support

It enforces the use of all natural movement patterns that copy your natural movements. Its uniqueness is that it is functional exercise equipment that will exercise various planes of movement when under the same load, creating power and integrating core, muscular strength and endurance, cardio and flexibility.


The first Turtle Bag was designed in 2015 by Tug and Bibi Wilson (owners of LESU fitness innovation), the process to production has used various materials, shapes and handles and evolved into the ‘Original Turtle’ shape which gives maximum benefit to the athlete. It is a ‘Take Anywhere’ gym for everyone who has an interest in fitness, your own ‘One stop shop’ to aid and maintain personal and group fitness. Robust, easily kept clean and able to use indoors or out, fun to use with an almost limitless range of exercises , whether walking, running, lifting, cycling, throwing, boxing……the Turtle bag has it all and much, much more!

Most, if not all exercises which are done using, weight vests, kettle bells, dumb bells, medicine balls and barbells can be performed with the Turtle Bag in a way which cannot be copied as you will move in all three planes of motion in a single movement, (not just the push and pull) and the unique back pack harness enables the athlete to take the Turtle Bag anywhere at any time, easily and in comfort for a work out anywhere at any time


Increasing strength, muscular endurance of the rotational muscles, wrist, forearms, shoulders, the grip, back, legs, assists in core stability and strength, coordination and balance and mobility. Due to its shape it can aid in speed and agility development which the normal gym fitness machines cannot
By using movements which accelerate and decelerate when swinging and spinning the bag at various angles rather than with just the traditional pushing and pulling of free weights, the user will increase overall body strength, flexibility and agility with Variable Angular Resistance Training.


As with any other plyometric training exercises large forces are generated under acceleration and care should be taken when exercising.
Turtle bags are flexible and it is more difficult to use the forearms and arm muscles than with more traditional weight training equipment, it is advised to therefore include the use of the wrist straps for extra support

Almost anyone can take up fitness with mild to moderate exercise but you should speak to your doctor before engaging in a more strenuous regime - if you have any questions about your health or are planning more vigorous work outs speak to your Doctor, especially if you have not been active recently

Definitely talk to the Doctor if you have injuries or a chronic or unstable health condition, such as heart disease, a respiratory ailment (eg asthma), high blood pressure, joint or bone disease, neurological illness or diabetes. A doctors consultation is also recommended if you suspect you may have an illness that will interfere with an exercise programme or if you have been experiencing any troublesome symptoms, such as chest pain, shortness of breath or dizziness.

The days of ‘No pain no gain are long over’ work to your own ‘uncomfortable’ score where 10/10 would be almost painful, keep it to a maximum of 8/10 - this will ensue you work out to your own personal intensity level