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Our Nordic walking poles of choice at Lesu are the Exerstrider poles, we have been using these over the years since we first met Tom in 2008. The poles have a proven track record and have been in use for more than thirty years. Innovative quality , performance and value is engineered into every pair of poles and every material and component has been refined to give you un matched quality and quiet 'rattle free', vibration free and stress free performance.

I used to always use poles with straps, however competing in endurance events and instructing in techniques led to me developing 'Skiers Thumb' - damage to the tendons giving numbness which lasts in excess of 48 hrs. The assured grip offered by Exerstrider poles and the added safety of being strapless is a 'no brainer'.

Whilst the choice is up to the individual on the type of pole they use it would be wrong to have experience and not give recommendations, we will instruct in the use of poles with straps during courses if that is what the client wants, however we will always recommend what we know is the best pole on the market. Over the past 5-7 years poles have become over complicated, with runners poles, light poles, various mechanisms, various attachments -at the end of the day they all work the same way with a good technique. There has also been a proliferation of inferior and un safe poles on the market and we have had cases where we have not allowed clients to use what they have brought along.

Exerstrider is the way to go, with good technique they will help you to maximise your performance, improve the enjoyment, give more confidence in a sport that is for the many people and not the privileged few - no matter what you level of expertise there is no denying how good they are.

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Skiers Thumb - or syndrome is where the Ulnar collateral tendon suffers damage, caused by or due to the use of straps on ski - or nordic walking sports poles
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We have unique designs, OS2 - stability - traveller - fantastic 'fun and funky' colours
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OS2 - ERGO/SC - ergonomic strapless grips for unparalleled, unrestricted comfort keeping the wrist in 'neutral alignment' Will fit heights 4'2" to 6'2".

Simple, effective 'twist lock mechanism', more streamlined and not as 'fiddly' as some with clamp mechanisms on the outside of the pole
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STABILITY - The telescopic pole originally designed for therapists, now being used by many due to the quick and assured adjustment provided by the push button system - for heights 3' 8" to 6' 1" - The button is solid steel and not to be confused with inferior designs which feature pressed plate
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TR3 - TRAVELLER, GOLD EDITION - a 3 piece twist lock mechanism and with the same performance as the OS2 pole these poles are superb when travelling - either local or like myself used on the Inca Trail in Peru they give gr8 performance
Compact to 25" (63.5cms) - they can also be broken down to individual sections to take up less room - for the true adventurer we also supply a pair of 'trekking' baskets and also snow baskets



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