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When we founded our company MUSCULAR THERAPY in 2005 we decided to have a progressive and adaptable approach to a ’Whole body' fitness to enable all of our clients whether individually in a personal training session, or as a group member in one of our classes to be able to gain the maximum benefits from a healthier lifestyle. We do not follow 'trends' of the latest exercise classes as many do to simply to increase numbers of participents; we introduce those classes and methods which have proven benefits. We are partner providers with NWUK, the largest NORDIC WALKING provider in UK, we instruct BEAMFIT for balance, core engagement, spinal alignment and concentration.

In 2018 we evolved into Lesu fitness Innovation Ltd, bringing our products and fitness together to continually improve our focus on all aspects of fitness.

PERSONAL TRAINING will have a programme developed around you to suit lifestyle - enabling the maximum benefit of each session and also more importantly the management of time between sessions.

DEEP TISSUE THERAPY for rehabilitation, injury prevention, HOT STONES and AROMATHERAPY for relaxation 'round off' the services we offer which will enhance your Fitness and Lifestyle

For the more adventurous Nordic Walker we have regular visits to Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor, the South West Coastal path and the Black Mountains of Wales

FOREIGN ADVENTURE our Nordic Walkers have been on expeditions to Chamonix, Jersey, Peru (Machu Pichu), Seville, Carmona and Barbados
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