So its the end of the first month of the year and as normal a lot of people who had good intentions for changing their lives have probably already failed.January is a long, long month, we all have extra bills, its dark nights and mornings and it was only a few weeks ago we were celebrating the festive season - we come down to earth quickly with the realisation that it is all remaining the same……………

Well it doesnt have to be - now that January is over it is easier to be more realistic with how we want to improve our fitness……….

At LESU we have had an increase in Beamfit members and started an extra class on a Saturday morning, we have also trained 3 more people over the month in Nordic walking and they are NWUK members and joined our Thursday group, all of the new people whoo have joined with us have been realistic and we would rather have an increase of people who are long term than a huge influx of people who have fallen by the end of January

Large gyms are good if the is what you want, however take a look around, a local fitness class will probably be suited more to your needs and will have more people there like you, with this in common you will become part of a group and have more of a chance to achieve and remain - it will also be more cost effective..

If you want to try something new, meet new people, make new friends, have fun, improve your life and become fitter, we can help you do this at LESU with nordic Walking or Beamfit, if you want to be more personalised there's Personal Training, Deep tissue massage treatments and also Hot stones massage treatments