Ok it's darker, wetter, colder, the covid is increasing - ye it's autumn and a lot more with winter seemingly here in less than a week.

Don't hunker down now, it's the time to get out even more, it's more important now to stay on touch with mother nature - Scandinavian countries have darkness for months on end during winter, however they are regularly old all top 5 places of the happiest countries on the planet - it's all in the mind set

So grab you poles and get out for a nordic walk - get out for a run - just get out - stand in your garden if you can and remember that it's not bad weather, it' s bad clothing or the wrong clothing that stops you.

Get a mixture for fitness - go on line, remain or joining a group, mixing with others is important, get some home equipment to mix it up, strength training is a good thing to do right now as we go out less for activity

We have now in our store Lesu Lastics - a resistance band set you can use in and around the home, you can do workout sessions just the same as using gym equipment worth many hundreds of £'s - cost effective, easily maintained, and taking up no room in your home - they are the multi use gym.

With a set of handles, 5 bands, ankle straps and a door anchor you are all good to go - check them out in our store

Above all - re focus - go again - we have been here before - take care and be safe - also go download the nhs app